People’s Mask

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The People’s Mask is a Fairtrade certified, lab tested, sustainable N70 mask for non-medical essential services personnel including grocery store workers, public transport drivers, government workers, hospitality staff, law enforcement and social workers. 

Based on an established standard: People’s Mask design is based on the lab tested HK Mask standard invented by Dr K Kwong. The standard has  been deployed effectively in the fight against COVID-19 in many parts of the world, notably in Asia. 

Radical transparency: With the People’s Mask you know exactly what you are getting. Our measurements indicate how much filtration efficiency and flow rates you can expect from different types of filters[link to chart].

Generally when you follow guidelines, the mask affords you the protection close to that of a N70 mask with an ordinary kitchen paper towel as the filter, and upto an N90 mask, when used with a nanofiber filter.

Multiple layers for extra protection: CDC recommends using multiple layers to improve the effectiveness of face masks. The People’s Mask provides 3 layers: 2 outer layers of 100% cotton handwoven fabric with a middle filter pocket to insert a disposable filter.

Simple to maintain: Basic maintenance such as replacing filters and sanitation are extremely easy to do. An effective filter can be made from household material e.g. paper towels or Kleenex. The mask can easily be cleaned with soap and water.  

Lab tested for safety: because you are breathing in through the mask for long periods of time, we have taken all the relevant safety precautions. The mask fabric is guaranteed AZO Free, PCP Tested and non-toxic. Dyes and chemicals are Reach and Bluesign certified and free of heavy metals. Ear loops are industrial grade elastic.

Disclaimer: The People’s Masks are NOT a substitute for N95, surgical, or other medical-grade masks and are NOT FDA approved. Although these masks may help deter you from spreading COVID-19, they will not prevent you from getting it. While wearing any mask, you must follow CDC guidelines. For personal use only. Not eligible for return.