Handmade Eco-friendly Yoga Bag


  • This is so deceptively simple that you’ll wonder why yoga bags weren’t designed this way all along.

    We’ve consciously kept things minimal, stripping away the clutter including zippers, buttons and other unnecessary hardware that just get in the way.

    From the self-closing mechanism, to the way the 100% cotton handwoven fabric feels on the body, we wanted to impart a fully natural experience.

    Spacious and designed to meet the needs of a modern practitioner, there's enough room to hold a towel, a water bottle, a wallet and a mat of almost any size. It even includes a secret pocket to carry your phone and keys. This yoga bag can carry all of this without looking bulky.

    Designed by Monkey Mind in California and handwoven and hand stitched on a wooden loom by women artisans at the small ApiHappi cottage industry workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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